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Why do I need a Compliance Approval?

You must be particularly careful:

  • Gifts and hospitality are customary practices for cultivating business relations. They serve to build and foster relationships with customers and business partners.
  • Furthermore, they aim to create a positive image and arouse emotions in relation to the company, its brands, products and / or services.
  • But be careful: under certain circumstances, such benefits may be considered as undue influence and may even result in bribery accusations.
  • To prevent not only reputational damages clear guidance is required. The permissibility of benefits received by employees from third parties or vice versa must always be carefully examined in advance.

Assessment criteria can be so different!

Intercultural and regional concerns

Do the gifts and invitations comply with the legislation specific to the country (e.g. benefits to public officials)?

Variance of monetary limits

Is the value of the benefit appropriate to what is customary in the country and the position of the recipient?

Pending business decisions

Is the recipient in the position to influence a pending decision?

Business related occasion

Has e.g. the invitation for a lunch been offered in connection with a business meeting?

Frequency of benefits

Is the frequency of contributions offered to the same business partner appropriate?

Faster risk assessment for all.

Ensure that all your employees can reliably, carefully and easily review benefits, both granted and received, in advance.

Always be on the safe side.

From the clear business context to the appropriate value to the permission in terms of legislation: document each activity transparently as well as comprehensively and thus enable your regulatory certainty.

Prevent risks and reputational damages.

Clear and simple guidance enables you to accurately classify the circumstances under which you or your employees may accept certain benefits in the company

Would you like to be covered when it comes to compliance approvals?


Then contact me for more information as well as solutions tailored to you. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Christoph Boosz
Product Owner Compliance Approval


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    Compliance Approval

    Ensure hassle-free compliance assessment and approval.


    Discover our intelligent system and minimize your risk across the enterprise.

    Smart Processes


    Based on defined criteria, the system determines the compliance risk of invitations to events, meals and gifts, for example, and initiates the necessary approval process.

    Smart classification process

    Specific Approvals


    A case-specific risk assessment and the resulting defined approval levels allow you maximum adaption to your company structures.

    Specific approval levels

    Automated Show-Stoppers


    Activities that are not permissible will be rejected directly.

    Automated showstoppers
    Risk Assessment Dashboard

    Flexible Assessment of further Activities


    With flexible workflows, you can also review sponsorship activities, donations or memberships transparently, and reliably identify potential conflicts of interest.

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