Next generation Compliance Measures Management. 


Compliance Monitoring and Testing

Fast. Automated. Reliable.


Do you use a digital compliance management solution for planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating of measures? With our web-based solution, you involve your managers and employees thanks to smart tools. Together you can minimize compliance risks – systematically and verifiably.

Reduce risks with system.

Steer compliance measures systematically and verifiably for reduction of compliance risks.

Plan actions by pressing a button.

Use our digital administration for greater efficiency in the implementation of compliance measures.

Manage your compliance confidently and precisely.

Reliably assign measures to the risk drivers that are prioritized based on your risk analysis.

Monitor your roadmap for more security.

Define clear responsibilities and milestones for transparent progress monitoring.

With the modules “Compliance Activity Planning & Tracking” (CAPT) and “Compliance Risk Assessment” (CRA), PROXORA offers a holistic compliance risk assessment and measures management solution for your company.

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Compliance Activity Planning & Tracking – pioneering functionalities for more success


Discover your innovative capabilities with PROXORA’s intelligent compliance measure management and take your compliance risk management to the next level.

Compliance risk assessments provide the basis for compliance measures that are generated and controlled in the “Compliance Activity Planning & Tracking” (CAPT) module. The PROXORA module enables the direct allocation of mitigation measures to the respective risk drivers and the control of the entire roll-out including monitoring, implementation and evaluation. Through integration into the PROXORA platform with customizable role and rights management, the measures are assigned directly to those responsible. Thus, compliance risks are systematically and demonstrably reduced.

Monitoring & Testing
Define one-time and periodically recurring activities and effectively implement compliance measures
Optionally increase the quality of the collected data

High flexibility


Customize our library of predefined measures to suit your company’s personal needs and create completely independent measure templates.

Detailed planning


Create action plans to implement your compliance group-wide or specifically for certain companies with individual deadlines and templates.

Secure proof


Document the reduction of your compliance risk with the module CAPT through the systematic implementation of measures incl. tracking of deadlines and responsibilities.

Efficient implementation even of regular measures


Our solution also facilitates you the systematic implementation and documentation of annually recurring measures and queries, such as annual compliance declarations, which you require from your managers. Topics and ideas can be implemented almost unlimitedly.

Easily select target groups and assign compliance measures by authorization
Calculate activity results for business units or compliance areas

Compliance management – digital & flexibly customizable


Our web-based compliance risk management solution, the Compliance Risk Monitor, identifies, assesses and mitigates compliance risks and includes the two networked PROXORA platform modules CAPT (Compliance Activity Planning & Tracking) and CRA (Compliance Risk Assessment). A significant success factor for sustainable corporate compliance measures management in any corporate structure.

CoRiMo, PROXORA’s Compliance Risk Monitor, can be used not only for a broader spectrum of ESG risk management, but also for typical compliance risk assessments and risk analyses in accordance with the German Supply Chain Act and the EU CSDD.

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