Efficient protection with Anti-Money Laundering.


Automated. Pioneering. Mission-critical.


Stay ahead with our Compliance Integrity Check (COIN.360), a solution developed specifically for anti-money laundering. What’s more: reduce your workload and minimize your business risk significantly. All at the same time.

Meet regulatory requirements.

Meet the requirements of the European Union Anti-Money Laundering Directive to prevent the misuse of the financial system for the purpose of money laundering or terrorist financing.

Manage growing complexity efficiently.

Automate customer risk scoring, AML/CFT screening of customers, and monitoring of related transactions using our efficient monitoring solution.

Stay flexible.

Uncover changed behavior patterns and customize your set of monitoring rules – even beyond the AML use case.

You can count on us – no matter how complex the issue is.


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Anti-Money Laundering

COIN.360° – The powerful solution for your all-round protection.


Discover the groundbreaking combination of a comprehensive, automated IT solution with proven AML/CFT customer screening and integrated transaction monitoring.

Monitor every transaction and identify suspicious activities indicating money laundering faster – made possible by fully customizable rules and intelligent pattern recognition of customer activities.

Innovative functionalities for a unique IT solution.

Innovative expert functions for AML screening

Customer Screening

Customers are screened against sanctions and AML lists to identify PEPs or other high-risk customers and to prevent transactions with sanctioned parties based on integrated risk and compliance data feeds.

AML Customer Risk

The AML customer risk (“risk scoring”) is automatically calculated based on defined risk indicators (e.g. industry or country of the customer) and represents the abstract money laundering risk of the contractual partner. This determines the scope and intensity of subsequent transaction monitoring.

Monitoring of Transactions

The system monitors transactions for AML risks and supports the evaluation of suspicious transactions.

Data Import and Mapping

Data import includes updating risk and compliance data, customer master data and transactions.

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