Compliance Risk Monitor for a holistic Risk Assessment.


Compliance Risk Assessment

Targeted. Comprehensive. Systematic.


Benefit from know-how of two experts: Developed in cooperation with our partner Pohlmann & Company, the Compliance Risk Monitor covers the entire cycle of your compliance risk assessment.

Establish a clear risk assessment.

Quickly identify and assess compliance risks even in the case of complex organisational structures and heterogeneous business areas.

Improve your audit safety.

Document your risk trends on an ongoing basis and track your specific mitigations as part of your holistic risk assessment.

Monitor risk assessments easily, effectively and error-free.

Mitigate your compliance risks by using digitized processes and consolidated data.

Download our compliance risk analysis flyer:

    The PROXORA Risk Management Workflow


    Monitor your compliance measures continuously with the holistic Compliance Risk Assessment solution from PROXORA:

    CoRiMo can be used for processing typical Compliance Risk Assessments, as well as risk analysis in accordance with LkSG and EU CSDDD, or also for a wider scope of ESG Risk Management.

    The Compliance Risk Monitor (CoRiMo) offers through the modules “Compliance Risk Assessment” (CRA) and “Compliance Activity Planning & Tracking” (CAPT) a holistic compliance risk assessment & measure management solution for your company.

    The Compliance Risk Monitor (CoRiMo) is a holistic compliance risk assessment & measure management solution

    Digital management of compliance measures


    PROXORA’s compliance measure management supports you efficiently in the sustainable implementation of compliance-related processes in your company. Learn more about our automated and practice-approved solution.

    Do you also want to minimize your compliance risk entirely?


    I am happy to advise you on our Compliance Risk Monitor and show you all the possibilites.

    Hannes Becker
    Product Owner Compliance Risk Assessment


    Best of both worlds.


    Find out in 90 seconds how much you can benefit from our cooperation with Pohlmann & Company:

    Discover all the functionalities:


    One for all

    Work with a single cloud-based system that contains all data and processes.

    Down to the smallest detail

    Map your organizational structure accurately and customize the risk analysis to suit your company perfectly.

    With foresight

    Identify and assess potential threats through structured questionnaires developed by the experts of Pohlmann & Company.

    To the point

    Derive mitigating measures and specifically assign them according to functional responsibility and individual timing.


    Embed actual risks and existing measures into a management risk landscape.

    Shaping the future

    Track the implementation status continuously and review all risk-mitigating measures for effectiveness and appropriateness.

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