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A collaborative path for long-term success

Working together for success in implementing compliance-related processes

Corporate compliance measures management with a vision

As pioneer in the sector, we continuously develop modern and efficient compliance management solutions for our customers that comply with current standards and requirements.

Good relationship with our customers and employees

With innovative compliance solutions and our team of experts, we help your company remain competitive and grow sustainably. Trust within the team and close coordination with our clients are the basis of our successful cooperation.

PROXORA offers solutions and services to sustainably support companies in the holistic implementation of their compliance-related processes.

Our common path of compliance implementation with customers and the PROXORA team

About PROXORA and its mission

We focus on consultation and implementation of compliance-related processes in companies.
PROXORA's solution leads to a unified database for analyses and reports
with the integration and consolidation of data from various sources.
We develop solutions to extract, transform and load data from different systems to create a unified data base for analysis and reporting.
For reliable and meaningful data cleansing and validation
to improve the quality of their data and ensure that it is consistent.
We provide solutions for data management of companies to ensure that data cleansing and validation are reliable and meaningful.
Visualize data, identify trends and take measures
using their data for analysis and business decisions.
Our business intelligence and analytics platform and their modules enable companies to visualize their data, identify patterns and trends, and take well-founded action.
Secure data storage and management in the cloud platform
in the secure storage, administration and analysis of their data in our cloud platform.
We help with implementation and management of our cloud infrastructure and offer services such as data migration, scaling and security.

Our interdisciplinary team with many years of project experience in the compliance field is familiar with different sectors and company sizes. Together with you, we will find the best solution for your company.

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Peter Thomas, Senior Manager Advisory & Sales by PROXORA

Peter Thomas
Senior Manager Advisory & Sales

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