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Compliance Monitoring and Testing

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Start connecting all parts of your compliance organisation with our IT solution and simplify your daily administrative work – continuously.

Make effectiveness visible.

Report on the effectiveness of your Compliance Management System down to the finest level of detail.

Process your reporting data faster.

Collect and report data effectively, error-free and in a consolidated way to your target group.

Distribute information more accurately.

Request information and distribute it in a documented and reliable way. All from one central place.

Control your Reporting reliably.

Consolidate complex queries quickly, effectively and without programming effort.

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Andreas Hascher

Andreas Hascher
Product Owner Monitoring & Testing


Innovative features for more success.


Discover your innovative possibilities with Proxora’s intelligent Monitoring & Testing solution and raise your Compliance Reporting to the next level.

Monitoring & Testing

Drag & Drop Editing


With your visual drag & drop editor, you can easily create, manage and roll out ad-hoc or recurring queries, including configurable assessment logic. All this can be done in your browser.

Monitoring and Testing drag & drop editor

Top-down Distribution


Distribute questionnaires “top-down” to selected and authorized target groups of your pre-defined organizational structure.

Monitoring & Testing top-down distribution

Review & Approval


Further enhance the quality of your collected data with an optional review and approval process along authorized hierarchies.

Monitoring & Testing review and approval workflow
Monitoring & Testing Compliace Topics Overview

Bottom-Up Data Collection


Consolidate your inquiry results bottom-up and conveniently calculate the status of entire parts of your company or specific compliance topic areas.

Next generation Monitoring & Testing. It’s possible with us.


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