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Gifts & Hospitality Scorecards


The giving and receiving of gifts and hospitality (i. e. invitations to meals) are customary practices for cultivating commercial relationships. Beyond the boundaries of normal business networking gifts can

  • influence decisions or even be considered a bribe or
  • bring yourself into a position of obligation (reciprocity).

To prevent potential conflicts of interest clear guidance is required whether the offering or accepting of a gift is inappropriate.

Generally any contribution must

  • have a clear business context
  • be reasonable in value
  • be permitted under local law and regulation
  • be executed in a transparent manner


The Compliance Scorecards constitute a robust assessment that

  • evaluates if a contribution might be inappropriate
  • determines if further consultation or approval is required

The solution is flexible and allows for corporate diversity

  • It is possible to provide individual scorecards per country/region or business area
  • It is accessible both via web or mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android)

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