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Integrity Search - Screening and Continuous Monitoring of Third Parties


Business relationships with partners that are associated with compliance risks can easily result in serious reputational damages to the company as e.g. the accusation of aiding and abetting criminal actions Specialized service providers as e.g. Dow Jones Risk & Compliance offer information or news on individuals and companies that pose compliance risks related to defined categories as e.g.

  • sanctions
  • terrorism
  • corruption
  • fraud or
  • money laundering as well as
  • politically exposed persons (PEP)


The information is usually accessed either by

  • using the online research at the provider’s website or
  • regularly downloading data files from the provider for further internal processing

The Integrity Search supports the latter use case by providing an online search (ad hoc search) as well as the continuous monitoring of business partners

  • on the premises of the customer
  • based on the information obtained from the data provider.

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